About UK SYSTEMA Management Company!

     Dear Sirs,

  I am glad to welcome you on behalf of the UK SYSTEMA Management Company!
  The main activity of our company is providing the service package on the maintenance of property engineering infrastructure.
  The main approach of us is full satisfaction of the Client’s needs in the part of facilities maintenance and servicing.
   Currently we are successfully carrying out all-inclusive maintenance of various facilities of the total area more than 195,000 square meters.
   There are 98 of skilled specialists in the company that are qualified in the state supervision bodies




   Evgeniy Yakushin
Director General

 About us

  The assistance in the establishment of civilized understanding of facilities operation process aimed at comfortable and safe presence of persons in buildings is considered to be the mission of the SYSTEMA Management Company (UK).
   The UK SYSTEMA is dedicated to the comprehensive maintenance of property of various functions; it is a full member of the Guild of Industrial and Commercial Property Managers and Developers.
   The UK SYSTEMA is a member of Self-regulating Organization «Baltic Construction Complex». The company holds all required permits and accesses to carry out maintenance and repairing engineering systems and equipment. The Company is insured for 10 million rubles to the Client.
   Having long-term experience in property operation management our experts use up-to-date techniques and practices allowing achievement of required quality level.
   A modern material and technical stock and a training centre allow keeping efficient work execution mode, as well as comfortable and safe conditions of presence at properties.
   Provided reporting and scheduling make the operational process clear to the Client and reflect all operational costs.

   Certificate on Joining the
   Self-Regulating Company
Property Operational  System
Certificate of Registry

  Certificate of Managers and
  Developers Guild
 National Recognition  Certificate


  The SYSTEMA Management Company (UK) utilizes professional principles of comprehensive management of property infrastructure that allows keeping efficient work execution mode as well as comfortable and safe conditions of stay and vital activity at properties.

  The Company provides following services:

  Comprehensive Operation
  Monitoring the technical state, planned precautionary and preventive maintenance of engineering infrastructure and structure parts; carrying out functions responsible for heating and electrical equipment; representing Owner’s interests to power resources suppliers and supervisory bodies.

  Network Service
  Maintenance of property engineering infrastructure by highly skilled specialists based on the schedule without their continuous presence;

  Operational Police
  Technical maintenance of engineering systems when an operation engineer, an electrician, a plumbing specialist, and a carpenter carries out standard list of works on preventive maintenance based on the schedule in the scope of 32 man/h.

  Operational Audit and Construction Maintenance
  Determination of process efficiency; making optimization solutions; reduction of current and future costs; forecasting and analysis of options; informational support of processes, construction and operation.

  Cleaning and housekeeping of internal areas and a surrounding area.

   Exclusion of own maintenance personnel out of the company staff and its employment in the management company with its following provision to the Client. Professional recruitment of medium and top level experts in the sphere of the property operation.


  The company acts based on the current legislation of the RF and regulation documentation in buildings operation.

  Our clients are leading manufacturing, banking, logistic companies in the North-Western region, who trust us maintenance of buildings of various purposes: offices, warehouses, administrative and production, and hotel ones.


   For the informational exchange and managerial solutions assessment our company from time to time holds workshops and master-classes where we share not only our experience in the property management and maintenance but also arrange reliable cooperation.  

   The company provides open informational and consulting approach in the provision of own techniques and methods on operation management and maintenance of properties of various function.



   «Property Operation. Part 1»
   «Property Operation. «Being a Chief Engineer». Part 2*

    The first part of the book is a guide where the author, Evgeniy Yakushin, director general of the UK SYSTEMA, systemizes complicated and many-sided operational process presenting it as a service — flexible, practically feasible, client oriented.
  The second part is written in the genre of a production novel and tells about actual techniques of maintenance service creation at commercial properties.


   The package of standard documents for the operation and cleaning on CD



  The disk represents more than 100 practically valuable documents for the arrangement of operational processes and cleaning at your property, including regulatory documents regulating activities on the property operation.


 Operational standard



  Multipurpose, multyprofactorial analytical product, summarizing the requirements of many separate GOSTs (State Standards), SNiPs (Construction Regulation Standards Building Code), technical requirements and standards on construction and operation. The guidelines unite techniques and criteria developed and applied by the experts of the UK SYSTEMA, use experience and techniques for facilities at various stages of their lifetime.





   Property Operational System — software for the automation of operation service at any property. Software functions: creation of main operational documentation package; operational management using created documents; common database.

* trademarks are given to all products of the UK SYSTEMA.



For further information on provided services, information products and planned events please contact us either by telephone (812) 449-70-21, website www.systemestate.ru or send a note at: office@systemestate.ru

Looking forward to your interest and effective cooperation!